Grief is evidence of love. It occurs naturally when we lose something or somebody important to our lives.

The end of an era - a career we loved, a house, a treasured object can cause us tremendous grief.
The death of a child, a partner, a parent, a dear friend can catapult us into overwhelming anger, sadness, hopelessness, numbness.
Stages of grief can leave us completely unable to imagine how on Earth we can ever move on - life stops for us - we cannot find meaning that makes life feel rewarding or worth living.
Yet grief is natural - actually vital. It is a natural process that enables us to readjust to living without whatever or whomever we have lost. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel if the process has room to complete itself. Although we never "get over it", what we can do is learn to live "with it", and without it being an overwhelming barrier to living our lives to the full.

Grief can be 'complicated' by pre exisiting depression or anxiety - sometimes triggered at the same time as the bereavement itself. Identifying these two factors is essential to building a process for moving through the distress and onwards towards the future.
Hypnotherapy and deep Trance Therapy and the self-hypnosis abilities that come with it are invaluable for reaching the light at the end of the tunnel much quicker.
Here is a testimonial from a dear client who suffered a most painful bereavement. Although it is not possible to be certain on the number of sessions required until we meet, in this case Sonia's results required just two sessions.

"After many months caring for my 10 years young daughter through her critical leukaemia care path, her battle ended rapidly June 2015.

As a grieving mother my world collapsed and my heart shattered beyond repair or so I thought, then I was put into contact with Mac whose professional conduct coupled alongside with the utmost care, sensitivity and such a soothing voice, he enabled me to understand the whys and what's of bereavement process I was experiencing and to simply talk through my feelings and emotions at a time when my own thought processes were clouded.
Mac helped me to regain my focus and to get a grip on life moving forwards.
Mac is the person who I would seek out in times of need, then and of course should anything occur in my future.

Would I recommend Mac?  Absolutely."
Sonia Guyver 2015