EMSRP or Essence Therapy (One to one or via Skype online) is a whole-life, clean sweep process for helping rediscover the real you and as a natural result, feeling proud to be unique. It deals with it ALL.
All of us in order to try and fit in, have made ourselves into the person that others want us to be, or the person that will most effectively avoid any pain from the past.
We may have been influenced by parents, siblings and adults such as relatives and teachers. Although they had good intentions, their words and deeds may have led to us feeling rejected and even shamed to be our real self. We have been paralyzed by trauma beyond our control and spend enormous amounts of energy avoiding everything and anything that might make a repeat possible.
If you suspect that you chose a career, relationship, home or lifestyle that simply fails to fulfil your needs or desires, then you may also notice your behaviours that compensate for this. These behaviours may be extra-marital affairs, addictions or habits such as over-indulgence of alcohol, sex, shopping, food or drug-taking.
If you have finally owned up to yourself that you are unhappy and your life is unfulfilling to one degree or another, then Essence Therapy – the rediscovery of the true you, may be just what you have been looking for. It is especially powerful for people suffering from anxiety, depression with or without mania.
You can find out more without any obligation whatsoever.
Call for a free chat or email with your questions.
It may be the best decision you have made for yourself for some time.

Oh yes.. it stands for Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-Patterning - and complicated as that sounds, it really does do what it says on the tin!
"It often feels like I didn’t really exist before EMSRP – I just passively passed through life, withdrawn, without making any choices or having any direction or sense of self at all. Throughout the process I learnt how to let myself FEEL and how to turn up and participate in life with boundaries and rights, and how to have healthy relationships with people that support mutual thriving. My partner also went through his own process of EMSRP with you. I was honoured enough to be by his side through his revelations. EMSRP changed our lives forever, both individually and together."
T. Christmas-Owens, 2015.