Imagine if will power, lack of confidence or embarassment were no longer an issue.
Imagine if the black dog of depression or the burden of anxiety were simply cleared, past no longer of any consequence.
Imagine yourself living in freedom, able to take charge of your obstructive habits, to banish limiting thoughts, to lose weight, stop smoking, to make better relationships, to have better and more fulfilling sex, to break free from the grip of past trauma, simply to reclaim the power taken from you by your past by bad experiences,  e.g. trauma, an unhappy past, deprivation, bullying, emotional or sexual abuse.
Trance Therapy can work for you, whoever you are, whatever you have done and however confusing the issues might seem. If you want change for the better then you really can have it




Trance Therapy never takes away your power - it regenerates it. We will work together to change the unconscious conditions that have led to your current situation for the better. This work is safe, effective and entirely confidential. 
It takes two to tango as they say - and how your subconscious patterns interact with each other can deliver heaven, hell or boredom in a relationship. Knowing what you do alone does not lead to change...if it did the divorce rate would be much lower. Trance Therapy gets to the parts that other therapies find hard to reach.
EMSRP is a one-to-one life-programme that gives you the chance to completely remodel your life. It blends a powerful mix of therapies to transform you, your life and your relationships so that they support your thriving as the person you suspect you could be, but have never dared to become.