P​ast Life Regression

What is it and why use it?​​

Conscious memories of childhood experiences that occurred prior to about 30 months of age are not available to the conscious adult awareness. Nonetheless you learned all sorts of things before that time that are remembered in your body (procedural memories) - walking, talking, eating etc. You contain a vast array of memories in your sub-conscious memory. This area of your memory requires a different kind of access. So these unconscious memories can be retrieved into conscious awareness, but not through conscious processes - we need to open different doorway.

Using hypnosis we can regress the subconscous mind to times before consciously retrievable memories were possible - way, way back to the womb if required...and apparently even further back in time.

What happens if we go even further back than the womb?

There we find what appear to be experiences that relate to embodied memories in past existence. Proof of reincarnation you might say, or others suggest they might be creative invention from a creative mind. That conundrum is a subject for a good deal of often heated debate.

So what are they exactly?

Simply there are  three main ideas in circulation:-

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1) They are the product of a creative imagination, like dreams. Well this seems to have merit until you consider that people can produce phenomena such as  fluent languages that they simply could not have encountered in their present lives; or knowledge of distant objects, hidden in places they have never before been. This is odd to say the least, and not supportive of the past lives simply being a product of mental invention.

2) They are "incontrovertible evidence" that reincarnation is an indisputable "fact".  This idea seems to suggest that the "me" I experience myself to be in this life has been and will be repeatedly born over and over again, each time forgetting all details of any previous existence. This is a widely held, often religious point of view. However it may be over-simplistic given what we are discovering about the parts of us that are recycled over and over again through inheritance - which leads us to the third idea.

3) Geneticists and neuroscientists are discovering that DNA is a much more powerful and sophisticated, indeed mysterious recording device than until recently believed. In it is the legacy of countless permutations of mixed genetic records from our past. Until very recently, we called most DNA "Junk", largely because no conceivable function could be attributed to it. However, it is now seen as likely that DNA may record all sorts of embodied memories from past generations.

  • What if the highly charged emotional experiences of past relatives were imprinted into their DNA and passed on to all future generations? 
  • What if the deja vu experiences are simply subconscious fragments of experience decoded and reactivated onto the edge of awareness when sufficient environmental prompts are present, unleashing emobodied recall?
  • What if physically experienced skills, passions, narratives are all there in the records, contained in each and every cell of our bodies, subtly prompting responses to our presnt world whilst having their origins in our genealogy?

Food for thought. They are uniquely fascinating.

What Use Are They?

Sometimes difficulties in this life cannot be explained by events in our present life. In some cases allowing the sub-conscious to locate relevant past life experiences can surface invaluable insight, wisdom and understanding that provides missing peices of the therapeutic jigsaw. Pst life regression can be an invaluable tool for releasing people into understanding and embracing their life's purpose.

Past life regressipon makes availble yet another rich arena for exploration under deep hypnosis, and that is the period between passing from the body (i.e. death) in a previous 'life experience' into a period of reflection and review before being born into a future life. This period is pregnant with deep revelation.