Smoking Cessation is not Rocket Science

Anyone CAN quit smoking. You can quit too. The parts of your mind that keep you coming back to the habit over and over again are not conscious - that's why they are so powerful, and that is why hypnosis can be so effective. 
There are so many myths about smokers and smoking, and complicated theories as to why it is so hard to quit.
But only miss things that are important to you when they are gone.

Smoking is important.

It isn't about will power - it takes enormous will power to continue smoking in a world that demonises smokers. It isn't simply about the nicotine - much more than that is lost when a smoker quits. Will power is the white knuckler's path to failure.
Smokers already have tremendous willpower.
It isn't simply about the nicotine - much more than that is lost when a smoker quits.

Smoking can be very good for you psychologically - yes, yes, yes it is certainly very bad physically  - but what it achieves psychologically and emotionally is impressive and a non smoker finds it hard to accomplish in a month what a smoker can do in seconds with a cigarette in even the worst surroundings (look where people are having to sneak a quick puff these days!).

Of course nobody acknowledges the significant benefits that are lost when someone gives up smoking - the non-smoking world is so busy name calling, scowling and being abusive about smokers. Smokers smoke because they get something very important from it - not just a drug, several things that are much more profound than that - benefits that patches, gums and cold turkey simply do not compensate them for. 

Also, it is likely that you learned to smoke at a very crucial time in your development.

Cigarettes have accompanied your triumphs and tragedies, your greatest times and your worst, with significant people, in significant places, at significant times, it has commiserated and consoled you and celebrated with you in equal measure. Smoking has been a reward, company, a restorative therapy, even a compensation for losses. Over time smoking has become a whole part of you, interwoven into your automatic and core sense of self. It is deeply meaningful at levels that are impossible to put into language. It puts you back together when the world has pulled you apart. Losing it is like losing part of who you are. But it is unhealthy and expensive - and....and....and...

So if you have had enough of your inner turmoil about smoking, if it worries you, if you feel that the habit defeats you every time you try to quit, then this could be the solution you've been looking for.