Over-eating is an action driven by thoughts and motivated by feelings....

When you were a child you stopped feeding when you were satisfied. Over-eating is learned behaviour. The learning came from a key event or events. Different kinds of event lead to different kinds of over-eating. We will diagnose your over-eating typology and therefore know what thinking to address. Then using trance work we will address the original situation(s) that caused the problem and fix it for good . We will  change your thinking processes without you having to struggle and thereby instil new behaviours around food.​

We will also learn what your "hungers" mean. For many over eaters, needs are misinterpreted. We say that CHOCOLATE WILL NEVER HOLD YOU WHILE YOU CRY.  We all need love, contact with others, to be listened to when we feel angry, to be witnessed when we feel sad, to feel our lives are meaningful, to share our joys and to be treated with acceptance and appreciation. If we believe that we are not worthy of any of these experiences then we are likely to try to feed the 'hungers' with food or any number of other addictions, rather than with a healthy, relationship based reward.
Unexpressed grief, being raised in a overweight household, having a favoured lost relative who gave food as an act of love, early deprivation, being the youngest or middle child in a large family, early abandonment, abuse, being bullied or simply feeling lonely - any number of issues in the recent, mid or distant past can influence over eating or unhealthy feeding patterns. Dealing with them is usually quite simple - and you get your first session free!